How to Enter

Please enter via the ABCRA's Central Entry system which is open Thu 25th - Fri 26th May from 9am to 5pm EST (that's 7am - 3pm WA time).

1800 028 992

PLEASE make sure your ABCRA Memership is PAID before heading to Mullewa.

***All Competitors Please Note***

Enter through Competitor Gate off Burges Street, have your name checked off the "Competitors/Stock Contractor/Personnel" list and collect a wristband. Free entry to event for competitors and guardians. Guardians please collect wristband and have your name recorded against competitor.

Official Rodeo Personnel, Competitors, Stock Contractors, Vet and Ambulance Officers ONLY through this entrance.

*No open fires or dogs allowed.

**Hay supplied for stock contractors ONLY, please do not help yourselves.

***Please respect the camping area and other campers, there is room for all if you all set-up camp "out" from the perimeter fences, not "along" them. Thank you.

****If bringing your own refreshments (non-alcoholic) please purchase cans, not glass bottles. Event site is a stricly NO GLASS site.

Sunday 4th June

We can now CONFIRM.....................

Competitor Camping Areas

Please utilise space wisely and consider others when setting up camp. There is room for all if you make camp "out" from the perimeter fence not "along" it. Please leave room for the stock trucks as usual. Thank you.