Photo credit to Kylie Rowe & C Zuytavia Photography

Note - Photos not necessarily of winner of each event

  • Midwest Barrel

    1st Lauren Cant
    2nd Anita Grima
    3rd Aime Pawesynski

  • 14-U18 Juvenile Barrel

    1st Janine Mongoo
    2nd Taya Hill
    3rd Rebecca Young
    4th Michaela Mongoo

  • 11-U14 Junior Barrel

    1st Trey Callaghar
    2nd Dyan Ruff
    3rd Jack Collins
    4th Emily Young

  • U11 Junior Barrel

    1st Hunta Callagher
    2nd Samantha Collins
    3rd Lucy Critch

  • 8-U11 Poddy Ride

    1st Tyrell Metcalf

  • 11-14 Junior Steer

    1st Luke Parkinson
    2nd Dylan Ruff

  • 14-U18 Steer

    1st Gary Jamal Barnes

  • Ladies Barrel Race

    1st Melissa Maxwell
    2nd Amber Bowtell
    3rd Samantha Withers
    4th Bianca Hertel
    5th Tarleah Moult
    6th Bronwyn Hill

  • Steer Un-decorating

    1st Jo Farquhar
    2nd Samantha Withers

  • Breakaway Roping

    1st Julie Collins
    2nd Jessica Norton
    3rd Melissa Maxwell
    4th Elise Croft
    5th Jo Farquhar

  • Novice Bull

    1st Sheldon Caddies

  • Saddlebronc

    1st Tony Caldwell
    2nd Brent Smyth
    3rd Tyrell Smith
    4th Sam Knight
    5th Rhys Morrissey

  • Bareback

    1st Gerard Oversby
    2nd wad McCarthy
    3rd Ross Dowling
    4th Luke Metcalf
    5th John Turner

  • Bullride

    1st Wade McCarthy
    2nd Gerard Oversby
    3rd David Mason
    4th Edward Ironside
    5th Tyrell Smith

  • Steer Wrestling

    1st Heath Nicholls
    2nd Stan Baker
    3rd Gerard Oversby
    4th Jason Klarich

  • Rope & Tie

    1st Ty Parkinson
    2nd Heath Nicholls
    3rd Justin Edwards
    4th Keith Horne
    5th Steve Parkinson
    6th Wade McCarthy

  • Team Roping

    1st Elise Croft
    2nd Laurance Oversby
    3rd Ian Lehman

    1st Stan Baker
    2nd Zach Kealy
    3rd Neil Watson